Weekend Forecast: 11/16/07


Once again this week I’m cutting in front of the wide releases for something more important:

  • No Country For Old Men. Expands into 130 theaters this weekend and if you don’t go see it, I’m crossing you off my Christmas card list. That’s all I can say about it right now. You’re just going to have to trust me.
  • Bella. Just for the sake of thoroughness, here is another expansion. This was the People’s Choice Award winner at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival and I blurbed it when it opened in limited release on 10/26. I didn’t know what to say about it then and I don’t know what to say about it now so one last time I’m going to cut and paste the LA Times synopsis: Bella is the “tale of two co-workers, haunted by very different tragedies, who come together on a fateful day and change each other’s lives forever.” You shouldn’t even be reading this. You should be at No Country for Old Men.

Not that it matters, but here are the wide releases:

  • Beowulf. Warriors and monsters and demons and whatnot. Word on the street is that it’s visually amazing, but it sounds like a feature length video game for 13-year-olds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Be sure and catch it in a theater that is showing it in 3D though. It’s supposedly like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It won’t even give you a headache. Also, wear a raincoat or you might get nerd spunk on you.
  • Love in the Time of Cholera. You want romance? I got your romance right here, pal. How about the story of a dude who waits for his woman for 50 years? There’s a fine line between romance and stalking, but what do I know? Based on the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and starring the terrific Javier Bardem.
  • Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Zack Helm, the guy who wrote Stranger than Fiction directs this family film about a magic toy store starring Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman and Jason Bateman. What’s that you say? You hated Stranger than Fiction? Well, screw you then. Truth be told, the trailer for this thing looked completely unbearable, but I’ve heard anecdotally (ok, from two people I don’t even know) that it’s good for families with little kids.

And finally the limited releases:

  • Confessions of a Superhero. One of my favorite movies of AFI Fest 2007 plays one week at Laemmle’s Music Hall on Wilshire Boulevard in LA. Next week it plays at the Starz Theater in Denver. After that? I don’t know. Comes out on DVD on January 22, 2008. Oh yeah, it’s the documentary about the people dressing up as superheroes on Hollywood Boulevard for tip money.
  • Margot at the Wedding. One of my not-so-favorites from AFI Fest 2007. I have to say though, the cast was great, especially Nicole Kidman. Sibling rivalry and dysfunction flare up when Margot returns home for her sister’s wedding. Jennifer Jason Leigh craps herself. Yeah, nice huh? Also with Jack Black.
  • Redacted. A group of American soldiers attack an Iraqi family. Brian de Palma’s newest film sounds like kind of a rehash of his Casualties of War, a movie I didn’t like very much, but it’s sure to stir up a shit storm of controversy which I’m sure is what he intended.
  • Smiley Face. Another movie from AFI Fest 2007, Gregg Araki’s stoner comedy plays for one week at the Nuart Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard. Silly but likeably funny story of a girl (Anna Faris) and her ganja.
  • Southland Tales (Opened Wed. 11/14 in NY and LA). Richard (Donnie Darko) Kelly’s ensemble musical sci-fi thriller set in near-future Los Angeles….July 4, 2008 to be exact. Suffered a disastrous response at Cannes a couple of years ago and has since been re-edited. Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, Justin Timberlake and more star.
  • What Would Jesus Buy? (LA 11/21) Documentary about Reverend Billy who seeks to end the rampant consumerism of Christmas. Good luck with that, Billy. By the way, can you do something about godawful Christmas movies?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Forecast: 11/16/07

  1. I’m afraid No Country is going to have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving, as I’ve promised my brother that I’d wait and see it with him. So yeah, this weekend its Beowulf, though it should probably be retyped BEOWULF!!

    I’m usually not into that sort of thing but good word of mouth, supposedly amazing 3-D, a return to form for Zemeckis and naked Angelina Jolie are all enough to make any man waver on his principles.

    I’m thinking Southland Tales is going to annoy me, it seems like self-congratulatory incoherent, and that’s two words I don’t like combined in my cinema. Kelly’s Donnie Darko ages poorly, IMHO.

    I do want to see Margot and Smiley Face, for their respective directors.

  2. No Country: Yes, I will be there with bells on.

    Yes, Chuck, it should be BEOWULF! with an orchestral flourish or hard rock guitar lick behind it. While I am somewhat curious about it, I can’t help recalling the deep and unending disappointment that was the Final Fantasy movie, which proved that computers wouldn’t be putting actors out of work anytime soon. While BEOWULF! may in fact delight, I find myself struggling to work up the energy to don 3D glasses and have sword blades, spears, and arrows COMING RIGHT AT ME. Whew…could be scary. And is Angelina Jolie REALLY naked or will it just be a long series of FHM-inspired cheesecake shots? One wonders how much they “enhanced” Brangie’s wireframe for the movie…

    Southland Tales: The positive reviews I’ve seen for this (the few there are) seem to be talking about it in that “cinematic curiosity” tone while all the others seem to be coming up with new ways to describe a clusterf*ck. I don’t know…the director’s cut of Donnie Darko kind of illuminated the fact that the emporer may in fact not have any clothes. I’m sure this will play better in theaters, but I might just wait for the inevitable DVD release. Sony will be desperate to recoup their losses on this one.

    Redacted/Margot: Let the inevitable late rush of festival faves begin in earnest. This is what I hate about awards season…for weeks and weeks there’s just a trickle of decent movies but you keep hearing about interesting ones, then they all come out at once and start dropping off just as quickly. Damn them.

    Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium: Does Natalie Portman show her butt again? No? Then count me out. Dustin Hoffman collecting a paycheck I don’t need.

  3. Yeah Beowulf. Despite my dismissive tone, I’m watching it, make no mistake. And Joel’s FHM crack is right on…airbrushed robots not sexy. That kind of thing might’ve worked reading Heavy Metal Magazine in 6th grade, but not so much anymore. Still…If the thing looks cool, I want to see it. And I’m not totally immune to airbrushed robots…

    Otherwise, this will be a good weekend to catch up on American Gangster and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead and maybe see No Country For Old Men again.

  4. “You shouldn’t even be reading this. You should be at No Country for Old Men.”

    craig that should get you some serious/movie one sheet/poster/for your consideration type quotage.

    *brilliant* 🙂

    maybe not as brilliant as air brushed robots though… 😉

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