Contest: Name that Movie #2 – The Results Show

The correct answer to contest #2 is:
Get Carter (1971), directed by Mike Hodges, starring Michael Cain.

The supernatural Sartre scores 5 points for guessing correctly after the first picture.

Frank Booth gets 4 points for answering after the second picture.

Bert and Joel score 3 points for getting it after three pictures.

I’ll be keeping a running tally of the scores and declare the first one to 20 points the winner…or maybe 30. We’ll see how it goes.



6 thoughts on “Contest: Name that Movie #2 – The Results Show

  1. I got lucky. Because I come from a Commonwealth country I know British TV actors better than most Americans. Once I recognized Bernard Hepton it was a simple matter of visiting IMD and finding a likely film in terms of quality and his age equivalence.

    I love Get Carter but without that way in I would have been stumped.

  2. Interestingly, according to the commentary track on the DVD, Hepton’s career was stagnant and he was producing theater or something, but it was Get Carter that relaunched him and made him the BBC standby that he became.

  3. Being Americans who wouldn’t know Bernard Hepton from a hole in the ground Frank, your guess after two images was pretty impressive, I must say. I predict big things for you if I keep doing this contest thing.

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