Weekend Forecast: 10/26/07

Philip Seymour Hoffman in Sidney Lumet’s Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (Limited) 

This would be a great weekend to catch up on some of the movies you’ve missed so far this season like The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Darjeeling Limited (expanding), Lars and the Real Girl (expanding) or Michael Clayton. Not much on the new release front: 

  • Saw IV. I’ve asked this question before, but even the people who liked the first couple are tired of this thing now, right? Riddle me this: I thought this Jigsaw dude had terminal cancer and that was his whole raison d’etre in the first movie. Why’s he still kicking around? Was it just a head cold after all? Is this his identical cousin? Oh hey, look. My very first Patty Duke reference. Enjoy.

  • Dan in Real Life. I’ve read here and there that this thing is actually better than the cloying trailer would suggest. What’s the story? Widower Steve Carrell falls for his younger brother Dane Cook’s new girlfriend Juliet Binoche. I’m sure we all learn a valuable lesson about the power of family and blah blah blah. I admit it, I fell for director Peter Hedges’ sitcom-like Pieces of April a couple years back. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this, but I feel closer now, don’t you?

Did I mention that The Darjeeling Limited and Lars and the Real Girl are expanding? I think I did. Meanwhile, here are the limited  releases:

  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. Sidney Lumet has been directing films for over 50 years and by my count this is number 44. This is the one where Philip Seymour Hoffman convinces brother Ethan Hawke to help him rob their parents’ jewelry store. The buzz is strong.
  • Bella. People’s Choice Award winner at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. I don’t know how to synopsize it so here’s what the LA Times says: Bella is the “tale of two co-workers, haunted by very different tragedies, who come together on a fateful day and change each other’s lives forever.”
  • Jimmy Carter Man From Plains. Jonathan Demme’s documentary about the former president.
  • Mr. Untouchable. Documentary about the rise and fall of a notorious Harlem drug kingpin in the 1970s. Sounds like the same story as Ridley Scott’s American Gangster, but I don’t think it is.
  • Rails & Ties. Alison Eastwood’s directorial debut about a childless middle aged couple (Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden) and the effect a tragic accident has on their lives.
  • Slipstream. Anthony Hopkins directs himself  in this story of a screenwriter whose characters start showing up in his real life and vice-versa.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Forecast: 10/26/07

  1. Saw 14: It’s a sequel machine now. Just wait for next year’s Saw 5 in 3D from the 12th Dimension. Jigsaw goes on a torture spree in an alternate universe. You think I’m kidding…

    Dan’s So-called Real Life: You almost had me until you got to Dane Cook.

    Before the Devil Knows: Now that I’ve read a brief plot synopsis, I’m pretty sure I can guess the entire plot but I’m thinking this one’s strength is the acting? I’m curious…

    Mr Untouchable: I believe this is the one based on the associate/competitor of the guy from the Ridley movie.

    Rails and Ties: ZznzZZZzzzzZzZZZZzzzz.

    Slipstream: Isn’t this the one that got panned at Cannes and then showed up at some film fests and got better reviews? I think it is.

  2. Lumet. Yeah I think I can see where this one is going, but I’m looking forward to it. Though I have to admit, I haven’t heard it’s good from any reliable sources.

    Beyond that, I’d rather see Darjeeling or Jesse James again.

  3. I would just like to say that its nice that it appears Philip Seymour Hoffman isn’t falling into the trap of long adored actor wins oscar and spends rest of career doing purile, faux profound crap in the hopes of continuing to win Oscars. I’m looking at you Mr. Spacey.

  4. I really enjoyed Pieces of Eight, as I did The Station Agent which came out around the same time. Both featured wonderful performances, particularly from Patricia Clarkson.

    Before the Devil looks very intriguing.

  5. Hah Chuck, as I read your post I was thinking of Anthony Hopkins, who spent most of the time since his performance in Remains of the Day doing absolute crap. I give him points though for not being afraid to be honest about his distaste for type-casting and the stupidity of A-list Hollywood casting, but the guy could have turned all that cache into indie performances and smaller films rather than turning out crap for so many years.

  6. I disagree, because even though Anthony Hopkins has indeed loads of crap (Bad Company, Instinct, Red Dragon etc) he’s also done a bunch of movies where it’s clear he’s fully invested as an actor – Nixon, Titus, even The World’s Fastest Indian (which I didn’t see) was clearly a project he took on because he believed in it and not because it would give him a paycheck.

  7. “…I haven’t heard it’s good from any reliable sources.”

    Somewhere in Los Angeles, a Mr. Jeffrey Welles is looking around in bewilderment, wondering who just kicked him in the ass.

  8. people weren’t as ‘buzzed’ for the new saw…but it did pretty much the same boxoffice first weekend as version 2 and 3……. the ‘mania’ continues… 😉

    hmm the darjeeling limited really had little/no impact on me.when i left the theatre. yes i actually left the house..and i said… ‘i left for this???’

    the loser has spoken…

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