Weekend Forecast: 10/5/07

Lust, Caution
Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution opens in limited release.

It’s wide release schedules like this that make me glad I live in a city where there are plenty of other options:

  • Feel The Noise. Smells like another in a long line of similarly titled, urban, music themed (this time it’s Reggaeton) dramas about believing in yourself and achieving success against all odds. Toss in whatever interchangeable/disposable parts you want and I’m still bored just talking about it. Working up any kind of outrage sounds too exhausting. Moving on.
  • The Heartbreak Kid. The most recent commercial for the new Ben Stiller/Farrelly Brothers movie emphasizes the cruder, more outrageous aspects of the script and is therefore funnier. Combined with some of the positive buzz, I’m a little more optimistic about this one. A little.
  • The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. Admit it, you’ve been burned by enough bad sci-fi/fantasy to know deep in your heart without even thinking about it that this movie is 31 flavors of ass. Right? Then again, there’s always room for good examples of the genre so maybe I should be an optimist. Nah. Guilty until proven innocent.

And once again the best movies are only opening in limited release. Technically the first two were released in New York last weekend, but we’re just going to pretend they’re fresh and new:

  • The Darjeeling Limited. If you like Wes Anderson’s more recent stuff, I think you’ll love Darjeeling. If you don’t… well… you might still like it.
  • Lust, Caution. It’s NC-17, the kiss of box office death. I could tote out the old complaint about how sick it is that violence will get you an R, but sex will get you an NC-17, but why bother? Besides, this one is in Mandarin so lots of people will skip it on those grounds alone. Ang Lee rules though. How do you go from The Hulk, to Brokeback Mountain to Lust, Caution without batting an eyelash?
  • Michael Clayton. I’m guessing this new Clooney movie about lawyers will get a real release next week, but for now folks in NY, LA and Toronto get a sneak peek.
  • Blade Runner, The Final Cut. Ridley Scott’s latest version of his Sci-Fi classic gets a brief shot at the box office before coming out on DVD. “I want more life, fucker!”
  • Outsourced. Fish-out-of-water story as an American businessman travels to India to set up a customer service call center. Sounds like it would make a nice double bill with The Darjeeling Limited. Opened in NY last week. Opens in LA this weekend.
  • The Good Night. The directorial debut of Gwyneth Paltrow’s little brother.
  • Finishing the Game. Mockumentary about attempting to complete Game of Death, the film Bruce Lee was working on when he died.
  • My Kid Could Paint That. The documentary about the 4-year-old painter hoax.
  • Kurt Cobain About a Son. The documentary about the Nirvana frontman.
  • Lake of Fire (9/3). The documentary about the abortion issue.


  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Expands into a whopping 25+ theaters. Check it out if you can.
  • The Jane Austen Book Club. Expands into over 800 theaters.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Forecast: 10/5/07

  1. See, next weekend is the weekend where I get royally screwed for living in a third-tier market because I will be crushed under the weight of a slew of releases I’d like to see, unable to keep up with them now that we’re in that magic period where Hollywood will be trotting out something new and awards-worthy every weekend from here to January.

    Darjeeling Limited, Michael Clayton, Lust, Caution, Assassination of Jesse James… are all on my list. Only Lust, Caution is opening here, which must compete for my attention with Into the Wild. PLUS, I’ve heard some good things about Lake of Fire so I want to see that.

    But Lust, Caution it is simply because I can’t believe this chinese-language NC-17 period piece is playing multiplexes, let alone Regal multiplexes. I have to give Regal a shoutout for not only running this movie, but running trailers for it at their bigger mall multiplexes. I’ll be seeing it this weekend cause it ain’t likely to last.

    Otherwise, I’ve heard good things about Lake of Fire and Outsourced but for me, documentaries tend to get over-run with fiction films.

    I complain….but thank god there are some decent options. I was beginning to be lulled into a coma by the later Summer slate of movies.

  2. Variety can be as big of a burden as (insert word that means exactly the opposite of ‘variety’ that I can’t think of at the moment). I’ll take variety.

    I’m a teeny bit ahead of your curve, but it’s still crammed. Darjeeling and Jesse James and Into the Wild are in the can, but I want to see Lust, Caution, Michael Clayton, Blade Runner and Outsourced plus a few other small ones from previous weeks.

    I’m a bad person for this, but I’ll skip the documentaries until DVD.

  3. I’m looking forward to Lust, Caution. This weekend though I’m hoping to catch Jesse James which will be playing an hour and change away from me. I imagine that will be as close as it gets. That theatre is also showin Into the Wild, so that could be a hell of a double bill, if the critics are to be believed. I know Into the Wild is coming closer though, so Jesse James is the first priority.

  4. Looking forward to hearing your response to Jesse James, Chuck. As I’ve said elsewhere, I have a feeling Into the Wild will be easier to catch up with down the road, it seems to be striking a chord with people, but I’ll be shocked if Lust Caution sticks around long. It’s definitely on top of my list to see this weekend.

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