And We’re Back…Hopefully

Greetings internet surfing reader types! A special hello to the regulars and an enthusiastic shout out to some of you crazy Chinese hunting for sweet Shrek 3 pictures. Thank you all for continuing to stop by during the last month of incredibly weak blog output.

I’ll spare you the reasons because reasons are like excuses and…well we all know what excuses are like. Anyway, summer is over and the real movie season is about to begin. I hope to return to the blogging trenches, refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated and as always…retarded.

As we speak I’m cooking up a review of this weekend’s #1 movie Halloween. Well, overcooking is probably more accurate which is why it’s taking me three days to get up. I also hope to take a look at some of the fall movies I’m most and least excited about before the weekend arrives which may or may not include some final thoughts on the summer movie season.

In the immediate future I might do a little review house cleaning wherein I toss out some quick reviews of movies I saw and either didn’t feel like reviewing or I started reviewing and ended up gagging with writers’ block. It is to my great shame that I haven’t been able to post a review of Ratatouille, my favorite movie of the summer. I’ve got a few other items on various back burners that hopefully will come to a full boil in the days and weeks to come so stay tuned.

I’m kicking around the idea of reviewing older movies as well as new releases but I haven’t tackled it yet. On one hand, old movies are kind of my cinema wheelhouse.  For years I hardly saw any new releases but watched tons of videos and DVDs of stuff made before I was born. The truth is, like Donnie in The Big Lebowski, when it comes to new movies I’m a little out of my element. On the other hand, old movies are a little intimidating. Critical opinion has largely been solidified so I’m either faced with contradicting the weight of history and looking like a douche or just going with the flow and not really adding anything new or interesting to the debate. There’s no way an opinion can be wrong, but it’s easy to feel that way sometimes.

Anyway, I ramble. Thanks again for your patience. Back to rewriting…


2 thoughts on “And We’re Back…Hopefully

  1. Yay! Welcome back. I know what it’s like sometimes, I’ve been “meaning to write” my post on the top50’s # 10 for over a week now, but sometimes it’s just hard to get going.

    Thanks for your incredibly kind words on my “writing is hard” post, by the way 🙂

  2. Thanks Hedwig, not writing feels pretty crappy and I worried I’d come back to find people weren’t reading anymore.

    As for the comments, well I hope they’re useful in some way. More and more I’m coming to believe that personality in writing is everything and if you keep letting yours come through, you’ll do fine.

    Also I should add I like that you’re able to tackle reviewing of older movies. I wish I had the stones to start doing it myself. For some reason it’s intimidating. Also I worry that I’d be reviewing stuff no one has seen or cares about. I suppose I could look at it the other way and hope maybe someone will read it and want to see the movie…

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