Can a Billion Chinese Be Wrong?

I obsessively check up on how many people are viewing this blog and why, partly because I’m an attention whore and partly because I’m curious to know what people are responding to even if they don’t leave a comment. It turns out for example, a lot of people have been searching for the name of the Mendelssohn piece played by Markéta Irglová in Once (it’s one of his Songs Without Words, but I don’t know which one for the record) and for some reason a lot of people want to know when In the Land of Women is coming out. Does Meg Ryan have some kind of huge foreign fan base I didn’t know about? Oddly the same review also gets a lot of hits from people searching for the word “MILF”. Other people searching for “Cinemax after Dark” have been pointed to a review of Exterminating Angels. I’ve also gotten a couple of hits from someone searching for “asslick fest” and another for “rectal exam movie”.   I once got a hit for a search on “movie horse man ruptured colon”. Nice to know that hard core anal action is still making the internet run, I guess.

Anyway, I’m only writing this because in the last week I’ve been getting a ton of hits from people searching for Shrek the Third (Shrek 3, Shrek Sequel, etc.) and I’m trying to figure out why. I didn’t even see or review the movie, but the 5/18 Weekend Forecast I wrote is now the single most trafficked post I’ve made in the brief history of Living in Cinema with 4 times the number of hits received by the next most popular post.  Even by Weekend Forecast standards, it wasn’t an especially good one. What’s going on?

All I can think of is that Shrek 3 is supposed to be released in China on July 31 and a billion people are searching for tidbits of precious Shrek information. They’d have to be doing a lot of reading though because I can’t imagine my little blurb rates very high on any real search engine.  Maybe they’re really excited about it. Maybe one day I’ll be big in China!  Hmm…I wonder if the Chinese have a word for MILF.


5 thoughts on “Can a Billion Chinese Be Wrong?

  1. I admit it, it’s me. I obsessively search for any and all new information on Shrek 3 every day even though I have no interest in seeing it. I secretly harbor a deep fascination with every portrayal of yet another anthropomorphic CGI sidekick from Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams.

    If you’d been blogging Happy Feet last year, I would have knocked those page hits through the roof too.


  2. Hey!

    I know about being obsessed by statistics, I keep looking where people are coming from to my blog. Weirdest so far: a search for “A woman who can kill”, where oddly enough I’m hit #3, but also the search ‘ “huge woman” with “tiny man” images’ and ‘i love being a young woman with big boobs’. I’m also #3 with that post, even if I never typed that exact sentence.

    You can imagine: my site doesn’t attract a billion of Chinese, but probably a billion of pervs instead.

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