Sherman Torgan, New Beverly Cinema: 1944-2007

Sherman TorganThis won’t mean much to you if you don’t live in LA, but I do and it does. Hollywood Elsewhere announced this morning that Sherman Torgan, the owner and manager of The New Beverly Cinema passed away while bike riding in Santa Monica yesterday (7/18). No details have been given regarding a memorial and there is no word yet what will happen to the theater.

As a revival theater committed to bringing an eclectic mix of old movies to LA movie goers for far longer than the 10 years I’ve called LA home, the New Beverly is one of the city’s bright spots. It’s a little treasure that seems to exist against all odds purely for the gratification of movie lovers.

I’m saddened by the loss to Mr. Torgan’s friends and family. I hope that The New Beverly, which has seemingly been on the ropes for as long as I’ve lived here, will find a way to continue.

The Hollywood Reporter has some more.

Leave a message at New Beverly’s Myspace page.

(Image of Mr. Torgan from LA Weekly. Taken by Ted Soqui)


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