First Look! Michael Bay’s Next Film!!!

michaelbay.jpgTransformers® isn’t even out yet and Michael Bay is already hard at work on his next secret project. If you think the photorealistic robots in Transformers® are jaw-dropping, wait until you get a load of what Bay has in store for us next. The footage is still a little rough and I’m not sure if that’s just the temporary soundtrack, but it’s pretty clear Mr. Bay is about to rewrite what we know about movies, storytelling and pure, ball-breaking special effects. I shit you not: You will believe a ’57 Chevy can fly. All I’m saying.

Click the link for Michael Bay’s Super Secret New Project!!!


2 thoughts on “First Look! Michael Bay’s Next Film!!!

  1. I got one of those sets when I was like 8, set it up in my Grandmother’s kitchen, and on the inaugural run lost like 4 pieces under the fridge and the stove, never to be retrieved again.

    Probably the shortest entertainment value for any toy I ever owned. I think I got more enjoyment out of the expectation of it because the cars were useless without all the tires. It perfectly sums up the resulting feeling I’ve gotten watching any Michael Bay movie. The packaging is pretty, but the fun ends up lost under the stove in 6 seconds flat.

  2. I think you’ve accurately described the experience of thousands of little kids who grew up in the 70’s who saw that commercial and thought it would be the best toy ever…which it was for about a half an hour.

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