2007 L.A. Film Festival

LAFF 2007The 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival opened Thursday, June 21 with Talk To Me, starring Don Cheadle as ex-convict turned iconic 60s radio personality Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene. The festival closes Sunday, July 1 with Danny Boyle’s sci-fi film Sunshine starring Cillian Murphy. I decided I was in no hurry to see the opening and closing films and I have no interest in the premiere of Transformers so, instead of buying a pass, I went for individual tickets.

Rather than do a ton of research into the films that were playing, I chose to gamble. Using only the information provided on the festival website, I identified a bunch of potentially interesting films, mostly using subject matter as a criterion with an occasional nod to a familiar director or actor. Then I narrowed it down based on what I could reasonably schedule. Since I didn’t look for any outside opinion or pay any attention to what, if anything, was getting buzz, I probably took a big risk that I’ll end up with a bunch of duds. My hope however is that I’ll hit on something interesting that might not get a lot of attention or I might otherwise have overlooked. What’s a film festival for if not expanding your boundaries a little bit?

Anyway, festival movies have been occupying the bulk of my free time the last few days and work (you know, that thing I do for money) has been keeping me a little busier than normal. Consequently, I haven’t had as much time to write as I’d like. In the next day or two I’ll start posting some reactions to the movies I’ve been seeing at the festival plus get caught up on a few reviews of new releases I’m behind on.


2 thoughts on “2007 L.A. Film Festival

  1. Hey!

    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. I’m been sniffing around yours and I find myself jealous both of your coherence and discipline and by the fact that you live in LA. I was an exchange student at UCLA for six months, and I’m still homesick for Westwood sometimes. In any case, consider yourself bookmarked!

    Anyway, thanks for reminding me that my blog is read by more people than just my father and the occasional friend I badger for an opinion.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Hedwig and thanks for the nice words. Your blog had a warm, conversational tone to it that I wish mine had. Sometimes I get too uptight and I feel like I suck the life right out of a post. Yours was very easy and natural and readable. I look forward to reading you some more.

    Also, I’m happy to report that Westwood is alive and well and still a great place to go to movies.

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