Ebert’s Latest Sneak Preview

Roger EbertIn anticipation  of attending his 9th Annual Overlooked Film Festival beginning this Wednesday, Roger Ebert has chosen to answer a couple of questions that have been on the minds of movie lovers everywhere:  “Is he ok?” and “How does he look?”

It’s shocking at first to see the toll that cancer has taken on him as it spread from his salivary gland to his lower jaw, but it’s also a great relief to know he’s still battling and appears to be on the way back.

I haven’t always agreed with his individual reviews and some would question his relevance in an age when any dope with a keyboard and a DSL connection can review a movie (cough cough), but Ebert and his partner, the late Gene Siskel, were the two guys who first got me to start thinking about movies as being more important than simply a Saturday afternoon’s diversion.   Movies it turns out are something that can be discussed and argued and analyzed and finally…loved.  They’re not just a commodity.  They’re art.  For me, Ebert helped show the way and for that I treasure him.

Roger isn’t back to writing regular current movie reviews, but do yourself a favor and check out his lengthy selection of Great Movies.  Tonight I’ll be watching an old movie with best wishes for Roger.  Be well, sir.


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